Episode 6

Interview with Brendan Dawes


September 7th, 2017

48 mins 34 secs

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Episode 6 of The Remarkable Business Show


Thanks for tuning in for this episode and a special welcome if you are a first-time listener.

In this episode I talk about how to start the day in the right way and a book you'll find super-useful - Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning.

The show's guest is the wonderful Brendan Dawes.

Bren is an artist and designer and he explores the interaction of objects people technology and arts using form and code and he's got a kind of eclectic mix of digital and analogue materials he uses for some of these projects.

He's also the author of two books on Interaction Design. His work is featured in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art and has been honoured in awards including Fast Company innovation by design, Information is Beautiful and D&AD.

His client list pretty impressive. It includes Air BNB, Google Twitter, Cancer Research UK and Mail Chimp and that's just a few of them.


-- what Bren does and all about his latest installation, Fermata
-- why he loves Tokyo
-- how he worked with Air BnB and The Happiness Machine
-- the essential thing NOT to do at SXSW
-- all about his task chitty system
-- how he works effectively at home
-- his tools of the trade on the Mac
-- the backup trifecta
-- why he hates Slack
-- the privilege of being able to work on something you love
-- why working with good people is essential
-- why he loves a small stationary business in London and his other favourite things

You can follow Bren @brendandawes on Twitter


Quote of the show

"Don't spend too much time planning release early and often. Some things will work. Others won't refine and move forward and above all forget the money. Just make sure you love what you are doing."

  • Kevin Rose

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