Episode 9

Meet Steve Leighton - the Hasbean coffee legend


March 16th, 2019

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Episode 9 of The Remarkable Business Show

Thanks for tuning in for this episode and a special welcome if you are a first-time listener.

It's been over a year since the last episode was published - profuse apologies! The last fifteen months have been full of work and travel - 12 countries in 2018 and over 25 flights! I also spent a good proportion of the winter in Asia back in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

This episode is dedicated a very special friend who has recently passed away - Richard Wanderman. Richard was one of life's good guys and I miss him. He was wise, kind and generous. Even though we lived thousands of miles apart, we always kept in touch and I looked forward to our FaceTime calls.

Richard was supportive and encouraging, especially when I set up Hull Digital, the tech and digital community in the city here in East Yorkshire. HD has just turned ten years old and I wrote a post here about it, and importantly what I learned over the years.

It's good to be back and I have a very special guest for this episode. A good friend and someone who I've known for over a decade!

Special guest - Steve Leighton

I’m super-pleased to welcome an old friend onto the show - Steve Leighton. If you are into coffee, you have probably heard of him, listened to him or watched him online.

Steve is the founder of Hasbean coffee and also the co-owner of Drop Coffee and 3FE.

We actually recorded this conversation back in 2017 and so I picked up the phone a few weeks and apologised for the slight delay, ahem.

Luckily Steve was very understanding so please bear with us if there are a few things that are slightly out of date. I wanted to make sure I put this out as there is so much wonderful information about coffee and an insight into how Steve has created a remarkable business.

What we covered

  • the very first iPhone and joining Twitter back in the day
  • visiting Hull and how we met
  • flickr
  • Hasbean operations
  • how to make good coffee
  • Coffee 101
  • Sourcing good coffee and 127 flights in one year!
  • telling stories
  • email hell
  • autonomy and owning your own area
  • the Hasbean story
  • key investment in the business
  • customer service when thinngs go wrong
  • In My Mug
  • Drop Coffee and Scandinavia
  • the importanc of balance
  • Lush and Omnipollo beer

Quote of the Episode:

"To make every minute count you’ve got to make every future minute count also. And that means living a life today that won’t leave you burnt out and broke in 5 or 10 years.

  • Shawn Blanc

Shawn and I spoke back in 2017 and recorded a great conversation which like Steve’s I have not done anything with! I’m going try and get this sorted out for a future episode.

In the meantime, have a look at what Shawn does over on


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Thank you for listening, I really appreciate your valuable time.

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